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various JACK tools: plumbing, play, udp, ctl, scope, clockThis collection contains a bunch of small tools for JACK written by Rohan Drape for the JACK low latency audio API. . JACK allows the connection of multiple applications to an audio device, as well as allowing them to share audio between themselves. . jack.plumbing maintains a set of port connection rules and manages these as clients register ports with JACK. Port names are implicitly bounded regular expressions and support sub-expression patterns. . jack.play is a light-weight JACK sound file player. It creates as many output ports as there are channels in the input file. . jack.udp is a UDP audio transport mechanism for JACK. The send mode reads signals from a set of JACK input ports and sends UDP packets to the indicated port at the indicated host at a rate determined by the local JACK daemon. The "recv" mode reads incoming packets at the indicated port and writes the incoming data to a set of JACK output ports at a rate that is determined by the local JACK daemon. . jack.ctl is a JACK session manager. It reads configuration information from a system wide and a user specific configuration file and manages sessions involving the JACK daemon proper and optionally a set of secondary jack daemons. . jack.scope draws either a time domain signal trace or a self correlation trace. Multiple input channels are superimposed, each channel is drawn in a different color. jack.scope accepts OSC packets for interactive control of drawing parameters. . jack.clock publishes the transport state of the local JACK server as OSC packets over a UDP connection. jack.clock allows any OSC enabled application to act as a JACK transport client, receiving sample accurate pulse stream timing data, and monitoring and initiating transport state change.
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